Monday, May 24, 2010

Garage Sale May 22 & 23/10

Another successful event held to fundraise for Coipin, and due to the kind generosity of the people of Vancouver who stopped by to support our 2-day garage sale, we raised more donations to be sent towards reconstruction efforts in Coipin.

Special thanks to an incredible group of people who were our volunteer workers at this event for a job so well done, many thanks for being so generous with your time and good humour and for 2 days of hard work braving the elements knowing that we were doing so in support of our brothers and sisters in Coipin, for whom the cold & wet winter is just beginning.

We also want to thank everyone, who in some way helped with the fundraising for Coipin this weekend, especially Muriel Honey and her husband Dal Richards for all their donations.

Below we've posted some photos from the garage sale, we'll keep you informed of our next event!!
Arriva Coipin!

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